Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Knitted Slippers

I was putting some of my teaching samples away the other day and came across this pair of knitted slippers which I made about 5 or 6 years ago. They were knitted in 2 strands of a Colinette yarn for the main part of the slipper and then I added Silky Chic around the top (fur yarns were in at the time).

I worked out a pattern from the slippers because a friend had asked me if I could work out how to make them as the lady who used to make them for the charity show was no-longer doing so. I worked out a pattern and made this pair but never used them.

With the snow coming and my feet being cold I found the slippers again and have been wearing them every since. Both the yarns I used for the slippers are wool so they do keep my feet pretty warm in this cold weather.

I thought I would make another pair as they are very useful. With the second pair I knitted them using 1 strand of Artisano Hummingbird DK and 1 strand of Lang Soft Shetland Aran. Alpaca is warmer than wool so I thought a combination of alpaca and wool would work well.

This is the new pair of slippers I made. The combination of yarns was a bit thinner than the original pattern so I used a 7mm needle instead of an 8mm and work the largest size from the pattern I wrote. They worked out fine but were not as thick as my original pair so I gave them to my daughter who was only to happy to have them, and started working on another pair.

In this 3rd pair (which I am still knitting) I'm using the Artesano and Lang yarns again but I have added 1 strand of Rico Superba Poems sock wool to give them a bit more body. I'm using 8mm needles and working the medium size pattern this time. Once I've finished knitting this pair and checking the pattern I will post a picture of the finished slippers and the pattern. It is a very simple and quick pattern worked in garter stitch and it is quite easy to make a pair in an evening.