Thursday, 7 March 2013

Circular Shawl Cardigan finished

In the last post I talked about re-knitting my new version of the circular shawl cardigan that was published in Knitting magazine last year. well I have now finished the re-knitted garment and if any of you came to the Unravel Knitting Festival at the end of February you may have seen me wearing the garment.

The images show the garment on my tailor's dummy which is a bit smaller then me but hopefully it show the star design and the fit reasonably well.I was quite pleased with the finished garment although I may make some slight alternations to the armhole depth when writing the pattern as I forgot to allow for the fact that the armhole opening is just a straight cast off/cast on section i.e. it needs to be a bit deeper than if you were making a shaped armhole.

The yarn has a nice drape and was nice and warm to wear even though it has elbow length sleeves. It did take quite a bit of yarn to make the cardigan, about 1kg of the Aran alpaca and it does still come down to just above my knees. 

I don't know that working the garment in a thicker yarn has made much difference to trying to adjust the length as a result of the construction but I do much prefer the finish I have achieved across the top of the shoulders as a result of working decreases rather than short rows.

The garment was knitted in Knitting4fun  Aran Alpaca. I haven't re-written the pattern for this yarn yet but the pattern for the DK weight version is now available from me. It is called Stella Cardigan so if you are interested in purchasing the pattern please contact me. It will be available soon from my Ravelry store .

And now back to more knitting....