Monday, 14 December 2009

Nearly Christmas already and new job

The time seems to have flown by this autumn. It is always a busy time with teaching and knitting shows but this year seems to have been busier than usual. At least that is my excuse for not writing anything for ages.

This year for the first time I had a stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace.I offered to run a knitting surgery. The show went very well (apart from a disaster with my lap top and a cup of coffee) and I was kept busy with answering peoples' questions but quite a few people didn't realise I was there to help.

I also sold my patterns from the stand so I had a number of very good (and long suffering) friends who came to help me man the stand each day. these are a few pictures of the stand with my friend Ilana helping.

Well we all survived the show so I am now set to do a knitting surgery all over again but this time at the Stitch and Creative Craft Show at Sandown Park in January.
The stress and hassle of doing a show is a bit like childbirth. At the time you think 'I'm never going to do this again' but a month or so on you start thinking 'it wasn't that bad'! I will probably contact Twisted Threads to ask them if they would like me to run the surgery again next year.
Life has also been very busy as I have a new knitting job. I am the editor for a new hobby website which has videos of knitting techniques and interviews with people involved in different aspects of knitting. I have been doing most of the technique demonstrations so there is rather a lot of me but we have filmed interviews with a number of people including Woolly Wormhead, and Alison Murray of the Gingerbread House among other things. It has been great to meet these people and I now need to plan who to ask next year!

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