Sunday, 27 February 2011

Unravel Show at Farnham

Unravel at Farnham Maltings is running this weekend. Yesterday was a good day at the show. There seemed to be a lot of people but not so many that you couldn't move or get tot eh various stalls. There was a steady flow of people to my stand and I spent a lot of the day helping knitters with their knitting problems at the knitting surgery

These are some pictures of my stand at the beginning of the day. I knitted a second version of the Anna Shawl pattern in in a Lace weight alpaca, the plain coloured shawl to the left which shows off the leaf lace pattern much better than the original shawl knitted in a sock yarn.

The newest pattern is for the patchwork waistcoat on the mannequin. My original waistcoat was knitted in my handspun so I re-worked the pattern in Lang Mille Colori which is the version I've used for the pattern.

Lets hope the show is as popular today as it was yesterday.

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