Thursday, 12 May 2011

Developing ideas for the French Treats holiday, Part 2

This second group of design work is based on some of the flowers at the 'Abbey' we visited on the Sunday. I took some close up shots of flowers in a pot. I'm not a gardener so I don't know what they are called but I liked the colours. Each flower is fairly simple to draw as the petals are quite open and each flower has 5 petals.

On this page from my sketchbook I am showing a cropped picture of the flowers, a watercolour drawing and a couple of coloured pencil drawings of groups of flowers. I will trace some of these images onto stitch related graph paper so I can knit or Swiss darn the flowers. When I have made some samples I will upload the images.

As well as drawing from the photo of the flowers I also used it as a colour source for yarn wrappings as shown in the picture below.

The yarn wrapping at the top left has been worked using a mix of yarns from my stash. The yarn wrapping at top right has been worked using the Knitting By Numbers yarn. In the second wrapping I added more green to the wrapping as there is quite a lot of green in the picture. The wrapping at the bottom is still using the same KBN yarn colours but rather than working the stripes based on the colour proportions in the picture I have wrapped stripes based on a random stripes generator.

The yarn wrappings on this 3rd page are also based on the random stripes generator but using the same range of yarn colours from KBN. The random stripes generator I used is from the website or you can try googling random stripes generator. You can select as many colours as you want from their grid of colours and also select the widths of various stripes e.g. using the Fibonacci sequence and then press the go button. If you don't like the combination offered you can press the refresh button to get a new selection. It is very addictive and you can spend hours playing with the colour sequences!!

As I said I'll post some samples once they have been knitted.

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