Thursday, 12 May 2011

Developing ideas for the French Treats holiday, Part 3

I am teaching at Le Vieux Monastere again this year in June and September. On the June holiday I will be teaching alongside Sasha Kegan and this year we are working on 'Designing from Nature'. I am specifically covering Cables and Embellishments as well as helping in the general design workshop. The design work I have shown has been developed with this year's holiday in mind.

In this last group of pictures from my sketchbook I was working from photos of the pillars and ceiling in the cloisters at the Abbey with the idea of developing these into cable type patterns.

One of the ladies on the holiday kindly sent me this and another photo as I didn't take any photos of the pillars myself.

PhotoShop can be a very useful tools when developing design work. I used a filter on the photo shown on the previous page to just show the edges giving an image that looks very like a pencil drawing. I'm not that good at drawing so I then traced over this printed image to produce the image below it on the other page. Doing this tracing gave me a better understanding of how the arches fit together.

I then isolated and traced some lines which I used to produce the drawings on these 2 pages.

I did some more work with tracing the arches along similar lines to the picture opposite (a line edge print of another photo in the cloisters) I am now playing around with how to translate these arches into knitted cables - more samples to come.

I did also take photos of an old tree at the Abbey and this is a close up image of the tree bark which I thought might work well as a knit and purl pattern.

so there is plenty of work for me to be getting on with!!

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