Monday, 6 June 2011

French Treats Knitting Holiday Year 2

I'm back in France for a second year teaching on the French Treats Knitting holiday. We all arrived at various times yesterday. It is a smaller group this year but as usuual a very nice group of ladies.

It was a bit grey this morning first thing but the weather has been very dry out here in France since February. It brightened up a bit later.

After breakfast everyone got settled in in the workroom to start the week. After introductions Sasha and I covered knitting Intarsia with the weaving in techniques i.e. carrying the background colour across the back of the motif. We also spent a bit of the morning rewinding the skeins of John Arbon Knitting by Numbers yarn that was sent out to use during the week.

It is a very nice yarn to knit with but comes in 100gm skeins so they needed to be re-wound into a number of small balls for everyone to have as wide a choice of colours as possible.

After lunch and a few spots of rain the knitters went for a walk to look for wild flowers, grasses etc to work from for the design workshop this afternoon.

As you can see from this last photo the fields around 'Le Vieux' are very dry but everyone found something to work with and take back for the afternoon workshop. I've left them busy drawing motifs with Sasha. I'm off to have a bit of a break and do some knitting by the pool while they all work!!

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