Thursday, 11 August 2011

French Treats Day 2

I've been very busy since getting back from France so have only now got time to upload the rest of the pictures taken during then French Treats Knitting Holiday in June. On day 2, in the morning we visited the Abbey Fonduce again. It was interesting to see if things had changed much since last year and I took some photos from the same view points so I could compare them at a later date.

I took another picture of this wrought iron window with even more Virginia creeper growing over it but this year we were also able to get into the room behind the window so I took a photo from the other side as well.

There weren't a lot of flowers out when we visited as the weather had been very dry, no rain since February, but that all changed when we arrived for the Knitting week!!

I noticed some more carved stones this year as well. The picture below was taken in the garden area but there where lots more broken pieces like this in the room behind the wrought iron window and also around the back of the Abbey.

The cloisters where the same but without a choir this year.

There was another art exhibition inside the Abbey again this year with some interesting pieces including some paintings with hand made frames. The picture below shows a detail of the frame around one of these paintings.

In the afternoon I taught a workshop on cables covering basic cables, travelling and twisted stitch patterns. Below are pictures of some of the samples made during the first 2 days.

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