Thursday, 11 August 2011

French Treats Day 6

Saturday was our last full day. The morning was organised as a trip to Saites and the wool shop. Everyone agreed to have breakfast a bit early so we could go to the wool shop first and then into Saites for the market before everything closed for lunch.

Once we got to Saites I think the ladies went off to the market but I wanted to visit a few of the tourist sites to see if they would provide inspiration for the knitters attending the week in September. I had about 11/2 hours to look around so I went to visit the Abbaye aux Dames first as this was on the same side of the river as the place we get dropped.

The Abbaye was a very interesting place. There is quite a lot of decorative carving around the entrance door and windows of the Abbaye but when I went inside I discovered a series of modern tapestries illustrating the book of Genesis. I only took a couple of photos as i wasn't sure if photography was allowed in the Abbaye. There is a gift shop there with postcards of all the tapestries and some of the building.

From the Abbaye I went back across the river to look at the Cathedral Sainte-Pierre which had a lot of ornate carving and some very interesting stain glass windows.

From there I walked up to the Law Courts, stopping at the wool shop in town on the way to buy some very expensive (as it turned out) yarn. I liked the flower display in front of the building.

I then walked back down to the river and took a photo of the 'Arc de Germanicus'

before crossing back over the river and visiting the public gardens

before we all had to meet up again.

I did go back to Saintes the following week when I was on holiday to revisit some of these places and also some other sites I didn't have time to visit on the Saturday. It turns out Saites has quite a few interesting places that could be used to inspire designs.

In the afternoon everyone more or less finished their pieces of knitting and put them up for display before the certificate presentation at the end of the week.

I very much enjoyed teaching the week and I hope those who attended enjoyed it as well.

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  1. I think you mean Saintes... next time take a look at the roman ampitheatre it's amazing.