Thursday, 11 August 2011

French Treats Day 3

On the Wednesday we had a day out to La Rochelle. We arrived in time to go and find a nice cafe for lunch and then spent a few hours in the afternoon looking around the shops and harbour area.

A group of 6 of us had lunch together and then five of us had a little wonder around the town. This is the group outside the knitting and needlecraft shop. The shop had some interesting Bergere de France yarns as well as buttons and other craft stuff. One of the other ladies told me (after we got back) that there is also a Phildar shop in the next road up from this one.

As well as stopping for some yarn shopping we also visited the perfume museum. It was really more of a perfume shop that had a collection of old and rare perfume bottles in a room upstairs but there was quite a bit of information about these perfumes and bottles many of which seem to have been designed or inspired by various artists.

This is the clock tower near the harbour and as you can see we did have a lovely day with clear blue skies.

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